We are Web Designers hoping to share what we have learned with you.


We assume you have no prior knowledge of scripting.



It this Site For You?

You are at the right place if the following describes your experience and needs.

  • I need scripts to enhance my website.  I am looking for JavaScript or Perl Scripts, or I am not concerned about what the scripting language is.
  • I do not have a lot of experience with scripting for websites.  I need a script that is easy to use and understand.
  • I may want to learn more about scripting, but I am not sure I have the time.
  • I need a script for my client or server as soon as I can get it going.


Exploring Our Site


We have organized our scripts into categories of common tasks we found were needed to complete our websites.  The JavaScript  scripts are for your browser or Client-Side.  The Perl scripts are for your Server-Side.   To use the scripts, you need to have access to the website source or development code.  The scripts need to be integrated to some degree to work for you.


The JavaScripts are inserted into you web pages, either directly with an Editor like FrontPage, or via a link to a separate file you download.   Once this is completed,  they are loaded on the server, in the publically accessed area, with your other pages.  We do not host the scripts for you.


The Perl Scripts are added to a specially prepared directory on your server, normally called cgi-bin, that has special settings in your web server for the functions it performs.   This is a private area that a browser uses indirectly.


Where To Start


To get started select JavaScripts or Perl Scripts from the menus above.  If you do not find what you are looking for, send us a email describing what you need.  We may be able to direct you to another source, or create a script for you at a reasonable price.


If you want to start learning to script, we have added some of our tutorials, links to other good tutorial sites, and reference sites for you to explore.


We are still completing our site.  Be patient with us.  Come back soon to see how we are doing.


Enjoy your visit.


The StarterScript Team.




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Who Is StarterScripts.com

We are website developers experienced with JavaScript, Perl, and other scripting languages.  We have spent several years learning to use these great tools.


Our Current Projects

We are currently working on a series of JavaScript scripts and Perl scripts for our clients. 


Some topics are: a custom website error log monitoring system, a custom image gallery manager, a custom multi-lingual directions page, a Microsoft Agent hosted website, and a GeoIP aware site.